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Especially prized by the Japanese, Nagano Pork is recognized and loved by chefs worldwide for its remarkable qualities, including its generous marbling, high melting point and rosy meat. Nagano Pork stands alone for its refined flavour and exceptional tenderness. Food service managers and chefs will be delighted to offer their customers this premium-quality product that will add distinction to their menus. Each cut of Nagano Pork is deboned and meticulously hand-cut for superior quality.

We recommend different cuts to restaurants, chefs and butchers according to their needs. This allows our customers to offer a wide range of Nagano products to pork lovers looking for superior-quality meat.

Introduce your customers to our various cuts. They will be thrilled with their delicious meals!


Spare ribs

Mouth-watering and delectable, spare ribs contain four shoulder ribs cut between the fourth and fifth ribs. Whether prepared as an appetizer or main dish, this distinctive cut of pork is sure to dazzle the palate!


Rack of pork

The presentation, texture and flavour of this cut is sure to impress pork lovers! Rack of pork will surprise and delight with every bite.


Hocks – Hotel cut

Hotel-cut pork hocks is a generous (approx. 550 g) and perfectly cut portion. Regular osso buco is also available.


Pork belly

Taken between the fourth and fifth ribs, this cut still has the rib meat attached. The fat is about 8 mm thick.


Pork filet

Change up how you prepare pork tenderloin with this tenderloin butt. Even more pink and tender, this meat will melt in your mouth!



Made from just the shoulder, this ground-pork patty is delicious. It’s perfect for burgers!


Our Japanese carving methods allow us to offer you this unique cut. Katarosu is taken between the fourth and fifth ribs.


Tomahawk – Hotel cut

Tomahawks are prized for their tenderness and flavour. Your guests will love them! Hotel cuts come in various sizes.

Other available products

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