Couple repas - Porc Nagano

Be inspired! Be innovative! Be delighted! For fond memories of a meal shared with friends, a successful business luncheon or simply for the pleasure of enjoying Nagano pork.

Discover Nagano pork

Originally developed for Japanese gourmets, Nagano pork is being lauded by Quebecers for its flavour and tenderness.

Coupe hôtel porc Nagano pork hotel cutRetail cuts

Exclusive popular cuts of Nagano pork are available. As part of a gourmet meal or a barbecue, they’ll delight your guests.

Cuts for restaurant owners

Québec chefs recognize the exceptional quality of Nagano pork: generous marbling, more flavourful meat and consistency of cuts.

Jambon Nagano HamNagano Ham

Nagano Hams are offered at most supermarkets. They will surely be a favorite for everyone.

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